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New Life in Christ Found at Camp!

Every summer, FCA staff kicks into camp mode as they help plan and execute some of the most unique youth camp experiences in the world! What sets FCA camps apart is that they are both a time of inspiration and perspiration. Not only do FCA camps provide high level training to help campers reach the next level in their respective sports but campers are also offered the opportunity to take the next steps in growing their faith in Jesus Christ.

This past summer, I had the privilege of serving at the University of Richmond FCA Sports Camp-- a camp that ministered to over 300 high school athletes from Virginia, Maryland, D.C., and beyond--as the director of boys' soccer. While I'm not necessarily a soccer guy, God was gracious in connecting me with some amazing volunteers that added much value to the camp. We had an incredible husband and wife coaching team from a college in Virginia who brought a ton of energy and knowledge to the soccer field as well as hearts to see athletes grow in their faith.

Along with the coaches, we had two college-age huddle leaders who served our campers on and off the field for the week. Huddle leaders are on the front lines of camp ministry, as they spend every minute of every day with their respective campers, so it's important that we find candidates that are spiritually mature and have a heart for discipleship. As we neared Day 1 of camp, we had not yet secured the two huddle leaders that were needed to run a successful camp. As we ramped up our prayers and recruitment efforts, our college coach stated that he had a few players that may be interested in filling the positions.

We immediately sent out ministry leader applications to the 5 or 6 guys that he recruited, hoping to secure at least 2 huddle leaders from that pool. As God would have it, exactly 2 sent in their applications by the deadline. The first one that we opened was a home run. He had a solid salvation testimony and a stated desire to be a godly example as a leader. The second, while being highly recommended by his coach as a nice young man and a solid leader, obviously did not have a relationship with the Lord. After much prayer and discussion as a staff, we decided to bring both young men to camp as huddle leaders for boys soccer, hoping that the second young man would have a life-changing encounter with the Savior.

Our prayers were answered and God was glorified! The pictures below reveal the moment when the young man shared with his coach the decision that he had made for Christ the previous night during the evening chapel service. This event was a reminder that God is constantly at work around us and if we seek Him and submit to His will in all things He will do an amazing work...just as He did in this young man's life.

Thank you for your continued prayer and financial support of the ministry of FCA!

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